QUADRAT Training course

QUADRAT training course comes to fill an existing gap in adult learning and contribute to the process of continuous quality improvement.

Aim of the training course

The course raises awareness of the importance of quality and evaluation in adult education and provides the necessary skills to managers, trainers and staff of adult learning centres in order to design and implement quality assurance and evaluation procedures according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 29990.


In-class training, slides, exercises, case studies, exchange of experiences.

Participants' profile

Managers, trainers and staff of adult learning organisations that are involved or wish to be involved with the organisation's quality management system.


The training course lasts 5 days:

Day 1

  • Welcome, presentation of the training institute, logistics and practical information
  • General presentation of the course, objectives, approach, learning outcomes, structure
  • Exercise: Interview
  • The European context in adult learning
  • Exercise: Present the national context of adult learning
  • Main processes in adult learning organizations
  • Process map of an adult learning organisation
  • General about quality management, frameworks and standards
  • Quality management in adult learning organizations
  • Overview of quality management frameworks and systems (EQAVET, EFQM, CAF, ISO 9001, ISO 29990)

Day 2

  • ISO 9001 & ISO 29990
  • Requirements for quality management system
  • Quality policy and quality objectives
  • Exercise: Develop quality objectives
  • Management responsibility
  • Strategy and business management
  • Exercise: Develop a business plan for an adult learning organisation
  • Recourse management
  • Key qualifications for staff in adult learning organisations
  • Exercise: Evaluation of competencies – Develop a checklist

Day 3

  • Product realisation
  • Process approach
  • Exercise: Develop a process map
  • Determining learning needs
  • Exercise: Learning needs analysis
  • Design of the learning process
  • Exercise: Curriculum planning, based on learning outcomes
  • Provision of learning services
  • Exercise: Compile checklist for a training course
  • Assessment of adult learners

Day 4

  • Measurement, analysis and improvement
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • Exercise: Develop a questionnaire
  • Monitoring and measurement of processes and products
  • Data analysis
  • Exercise: Define performance indicators for a process
  • Non conformities
  • Corrective and preventive actions
  • Exercise: Write down a corrective action
  • Internal audit

Day 5

  • Steps to implement a quality management system
  • Exercise: Project plan for the implementation of a QMS
  • Trainees assessment
  • Evaluation of the training course
  • Closure and farewell