QUADRAT software for paperless ISO 9001 & ISO 29990

QUADRAT quality assurance software takes advantage of the possibilities given by ICT in order to better organise, manage and control processes of adult learning organisations.

The software minimises the use of paper documents and provides users the possibility to manage easily, efficiently and effectively their ISO 9001 & ISO 29990 related records.

The QA software covers the management of a variety of records, such as training of trainers, management of complaints of learners, corrective and preventive actions' records etc. thus making all these processes paperless.

In more details, the QUADRAT software provides the following modules:

  • Document control module
  • Training of staff
  • Management review module
  • Nonconforming training services module
  • Corrective action module
  • Preventive action module
  • Audit management module
  • Customer satisfaction module
  • Training equipment preventive maintenance module
  • Supplier evaluation module

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