Kick off meeting in Piraeus, Greece

The kick off meeting of QUADRAT project took place on 7th and 8th of February 2013 at IDEC office in Piraeus, Greece. All partners attended the meeting and discussed the project and the steps needed in order to implement it. 


Focus was placed on the analysis and Adaptation of training materials from the past project QMS. The analysis of the QMS materials was decided to be done by experts in ISO 9001 and quality assurance already existing in the partners’ organisations in order to achieve the best possible assessment of the contents and decide on what will have to be adapted or created from scratch. After the end of the analysis each partner will take a part of the materials and will adapt it to the adult learning sector and the last version of the ISO 9001 standard (2008).

Apart from the analysis, partners also discussed the development of the software, the training program that will be developed and also the dissemination/ exploitation needed in order to promote the project.